Neighbourly Notes – 12 April 2018


COOL RUNNINGS: Thomas King, South African open division longboard champion riding an SUP (stand up paddle board) foil on the Kowie River last Sunday Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES

THE weekend festivities were everything we had hoped for and more exciting than we had anticipated with the close of the Bathurst Agricultural Show and the finals of the closing event of the Amanzi Festival happening concurrently – and everyone had an opportunity to sit back and relax in the beautiful autumn sunshine. The weather certainly played its part in making the weekend pleasant so that’s another thing to be grateful for, as April in the Eastern Cape can be as unpredictable as what Julius Malema will say next. Fortunately the rain held off and we had a great weekend filled with entertaining events.

A BIG congratulations must go out to two groups of people; first to those responsible for the Amanzi Festival, particularly Sxeaks Nkwinti and Dave Lawson who, together with the generous support of Martin and Linda Bekker, made the entire festival possible. This 10-day collection of water-sport events has really placed Port Alfred on the international calendar, specifically for bodyboarding and surfing events. Let’s hope that next year’s Royal St Andrews Hotel Amanzi Festival is even better and brings more much-needed revenue to the area. Next, let’s give a hand to the ladies and gents who organise and volunteer at the Bathurst Agricultural Show each year. This year’s show was brilliant and a special mention must be made of Bathurst Agricultural Society president Danny Wepener who runs a tight ship but is never short of a joke – or two – to motivate his staff and make sure that everything is done correctly. When participating in the lawnmower race on Saturday, Danny was so slow that he finished in dead last position, but only after a search party found him still 100m from the finishing line on Sunday morning. Thanks again everyone for a really great weekend of entertainment.

THIS weekend sees an organ and flute recital at St Paul’s Church in Port Alfred on both Saturday and Sunday where recently resettled, now local father Noel-Jean Craille will be performing with accomplished flautist Daniel Brodie for a great concert. There is also an aromatherapy workshop, a food pairing in Kenton and more going on but, after the hectic two-weeks we have just experienced, perhaps it is good that we get this weekend to relax and put our collective feet up. See our “Diarise This section” below for more details on these and other events.

IT was horrific and draining, sitting in the Port Alfred Regional Court last week and hearing how the late Noel Maddocks was brutally killed. Blows to the head, a compound leg fracture and multiple stab wounds could never be considered in a self-defence plea. This was a very brutal act and the case has gone on for far too long. We all understand the axiom that the wheels of justice turn slowly, but while this case lingers the family and friends of Madocks have received no closure. The next court date is only in June, so everyone will have to wait another two months before magistrate Louis Muller gives his verdict. Let’s hope that, in the end, justice will have been seen to be done.

SOMEONE has to say it, but they’re probably afraid to express themselves in case they receive a disproportionate inappropriately-long prison sentence, but the sentence handed down to convicted “racist ”, Vicky Momberg, is being appealed, and rightly so. Some of most prominent politicians have said far worse things, and we all know it. Racism must be stamped out in this country, but it must be equal and fair. If the sentence is upheld then perhaps some of our racist politicians better be careful in the future.

HAPPY birthday greetings and all good wishes to everyone enjoying a birthday in the week ahead, especially Irene Tawse, Trevor Langley, Brent Thorp, Valerie Chalker, Kudu Pancoust, Debbie Ford, Karen Wilson, Jon Houzet, Kian Swanepoel, Arthur Beresford, Odette Gailey, Des Cooper, Eleanor Taai, Lesley Stevenson, Cecile Welgemoed, Barry  Rudman, Nicholas McCreath, Jaida Ball, Leanne Swart, Gerhild Scholz, Julia Jamieson, Bruce Findlay, Alexandra Albers, Colwyn Holshausen, Laela Cannon, Di Gruneberg, Sonai Owsley, Chene Vosloo, Emma Alberts, Kyra Colyvas, Jillian Tyson, Jaylon Alexander, Clair Meiring, Rory Gardner, Steven Minaar, Christo Kok, Inke Sap, Angelique Timm, Herman Purdon, Bernard du Plessis, Lesley Futter, Gillian Rautenbach, Slade Proctor, Buddy Brownlee, Norman Abbott, Brenda Carthew, Peggy Mager, Erin Brits, Etienne Mouton, Kirstie Ganter, Caitlin Bessinger, Joyce Webb, Tracy Mills Willemse, Sue Bradfield, Maartje
Verhaak, Dina Pusilewicz, Sonia Nginase, Fanie Behrens, Phillip Swanepoel, Kelly van der Merwe, Terry Lansdell.

SPECIAL belated birthday greetings to Beryl Pancoust turned 90 on Wednesday April 4 and to Kudu Pancoust who turns 90 today, April 10. May good-health prevail in order for you to see many more.

FURTHER success and congratulations to the following businesses celebrating another anniversary and may these lead to many more, especially Independent Property Consultants (Van der Riet Street), L.P Gaz (Bathurst Street), Petticoat Lane (at
their new premises in Pascoe Crescent) and the Presbyterian Church which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Port Alfred.

NOT good news on the currency and commodity markets this week with the rand falling significantly against the other major currencies. With last year’s figures in brackets to compare at the time of going to press, the Rand was trading at R12.07/ to the Dollar
(R13.75), R17.12 to the Pound (R17.18) and R14.94 to the Euro (R14.57). Gold is $1 354.09 per fine ounce ($1 273.78) with Platinum at $935.05 per ounce ($970.90). Brent Crude Oil is trading at $71.74 per barrel ($53.62). If the price of Brent Crude does not
stabilise below $70 a barrel the price of fuel will undoubtedly rise once more adding an even greater burden on the man in the street.

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Dot Fetherstonhaugh, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Mark Price and Charlton Hilpert.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends of June Ruth Kidd who passed away peacefully on Tuesday April 9. A memorial service will be held on Saturday April 14 at the Volle Evangelie Kerk at 11am.

WEDDING anniversary congratulations and good wishes for many more great years ahead to all couples celebrating such an occasion, especially Graham and Joan Norman, Olly and Bianca Kirby, Kevyn and Lindsay Letley, Terry and Gisella Brickhill, Colin and Louise Wiggett, Robert and Marjorie Sparks, Peter and Doffie van der Byl, David and Adele
Steck, Hendrik and Margarite Smit, Stuart and Shannon Hawkes, Helgard and Erica Janse van Rensburg, Colin and Sandy Maclachlan, Stephan and Angela Drennan, John and Lodene Pohl, Thomas and Bonny Blaine and Hettie and Chris Fourie.

THOUGHT for the week: “Happiness is having dreams; success is making those dreams come true”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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