Vehicle tracking report places Siam Lee murder accused’s car at scene of her disappearance

Vehicle tracking information places a car belonging to the man accused of the kidnapping and murder of Siam Lee outside the brothel on the day she disappeared‚ and in New Hanover where her body was dumped.

The court heard the testimony of investigating officer Rajan Govender as the 29-year-old businessman’s protracted bail hearing continues.

Govender‚ in his statement opposing the man’s release on bail‚ said the alleged killer had been identified by a witness at the Durban North brothel where Lee worked.

“He was identified as her last client on the day she went missing. A witness identified him as the driver of a black Mercedes and the vehicle tracking report confirmed the movement of that vehicle from the brothel in Margaret Maytom Drive to the accused’s home in Shongweni and from there to New Hanover.”

Lee had been reported missing from the brothel‚ with the charred remains of her body found in a sugarcane field near the farming town of New Hanover two days later.

The man‚ arrested by private investigator Brad Nathanson in the wake of Lee’s murder‚ cannot be named because of a rape charge he faces.

The bail application hearing continues.

By: Jeff Wicks – TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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