WATCH | Brave grandfather trips up armed suspect running from police

A quick-thinking grandfather helped catch an armed criminal during a visit to the library, in Columbus, Ohio, with his granddaughter.

The man, named as Bill, heard police sirens then saw a man running towards him with a hand in his waistband. Bill, who could see the police officers lagging behind the suspect. made a split-second decision to stick his leg out as the armed suspect ran past him.

Police were able to apprehend the man after he dropped his gun when he fell. The suspect, who had a ‘lengthy criminal record’, was arrested and sent to jail.

“I just felt, as a citizen of this town, I had a responsibility to act and to help,” said Bill in the video clip released by the Columbus Division of Police.

“Thank you ‘Bill’ for sticking your leg out for us,” the Columbus Police posted on Facebook.

Author: TimesLIVE 8 May 2018

Source: TMG Digital

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