How SA Everest hero climbed 8,000m with no oxygen before turning back

It was a choice of descend or die, says Sibusiso Vilane

Sibusiso Vilane.
Image: Instagram

SA’s Everest hero, Sibusiso Vilane, succeeded in reaching the “death zone” at 8,000m on the world’s highest mountain without oxygen last week before being forced to descend, or die.

“The only reason I decided not to start climbing up at Camp 4 was that it was clear I would remain on the mountain forever or be brought down in rescue bag,” Vilane, an intrepid adventurer, said on Monday from Nepal.

During his ascent to the summit he developed a severe cough, which is life-threatening high on the mountain, where oxygen levels are roughly half of that at sea level.

Vilane made history as the world’s first black man to reach the top of Mount Everest in 2003 from the south side, in Nepal, repeating this feat from the north side in Tibet.

Only a handful of people have ever summited Everest without oxygen and this month Vilane attempted this death-defying feat, knowing the risk of pushing his body too far.


Source: TMG Digital

Date: 30 May 2018

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