Neighbourly Notes – 10 May 2018

OPENING DAY: Richman Poorman opened its doors for business on Wednesday with shelves of brightly coloured leisure equipment, ladies’ gifts, kids’ toys, school supplies and tools, while owners Carine and Gavin Rowe provided coffee and treats baked by Carine and the ‘oumas’. Carine is pictured here laying the table with treats Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES

IT’S a fairly quiet weekend with good surf and sunny weather ahead. Beginning with the senior derby day at Port Alfred High School when all high school sports teams (except rugby) will be playing against East London private school Merrifield College at the sports
grounds in the early part of Saturday. In Kenton, the Women’s Agricultural Association
Alexandria Ladies’ Morning will be meeting at the hall at Stanley’s restaurant, at a cost of R135 per person. The guest speaker is Hannes van Wyk, TV personality and presenter of KykNET’s Kwêla, who will talk about women who inspire him and honour women in general.
Bathurst will host a free talk on TM (transcendental meditation) in the afternoon (see our diary below for details), and Lionel Hunt will be performing with Kerry Hiles at Tash’s Craft Bar in Port Alfred on Saturday night. It should be interesting to see him playing music other than that of Elvis. The price of R130 will get you a ticket to the show and a meal at Tash’s, the restaurant at the end of the pier. Sunday is Mother’s Day and Harry B’s on the Kowie is open for a three-course buffet lunch. Best wishes to all the mothers among us and may you have a very special day with your loved ones, or a telephone call if they are far away.

WHILE we are celebrating Mother’s Day, paradoxically, violence against women continues to feature in the local and national news. Shocking local news last weekend was that an Ekuphumleni resident and policeman from Hamburg allegedly stabbed his wife to death. Apparently, police had taken the gun away from him due to an earlier domestic violence
complaint. One woman who has inspired many is former Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille, who now finds herself the subject of controversy regarding corruption charges and has been booted out of the DA with deputy mayor Ian Neilson in the wings. What the charges are and whether there is any basis for them in fact, is not clear. Perhaps her misfortune was to be mayor during the water crisis which probably has less to do with mismanagement and more to do with outdated infrastructure, overpopulation and climate

WITH all the recent surprising events regarding South African wildlife, including the death of Gambit at Mansfield and the giraffe in Hartebeespoort who killed a filmmaker with a headbutt, and a lion – which was subsequently put down – mauling the owner of a private game reserve in Limpopo, it’s a good reminder to us living in a small seaside town never to take Mother Nature for granted. Water restrictions are still in force in Port Alfred, while
in Cape Town there was rain recently, but it seems as if it was too much too fast to do much other than run off down storm drains, and not prolonged enough to seep down and affect the water table. Although we have had rain and there is greenery about us, we are
in a wet drought. There is not enough rain in the catchment areas where the water comes to fill up our dams and the dams remain empty despite the rain.

IT’S difficult to hold onto the beginning of the year optimism when we hear such bad news happening in Cape Town, but the good news locally is that a brand new community radio station known as Sunshine FM will soon go on the air in Port Alfred. Probably nothing is as bad as the news of September 1939! TotT reader Miemie Golding of Settlers Park was
clearing out her drawer of old memorabilia when she came across a newspaper page from The Star dated September 1939 when she was just nine years old! The news was about Smuts replacing Herzog as premier of South Africa and the start of World War 2.

HAPPY birthday greetings and good wishes to everyone celebrating a special day in the week ahead, especially Antjie Rodgers, Jannie Malan, Stewart Kemp, Lauren Pretorius, Sonja Blenkinsop, Cheryl Larson, Ralph Clegg, Lynn Roberts, Donné Mather-Pike, Kristen Wilson, Clint Roesstorff, Debbie Axe, Cally Garden, Malcolm Noel, Nolungile Gula, Ronald Jones, Angus Schlemmer, Almarie Garner, Carmantha Barkhuizen, Nan Robinson, Wayne du Plessis, Jenny Pincente, Quinton Ruiters, John Larder-Burke, Marion Cleugh, twins Carter and Freya Prince, Hein Swart, Kelly Fella, Zoe Lee Koch, Carla de la Mare, Bev Scoble, Michelle Seegers, Terry Brickhill, Chris de Wet Steyn, Jakkie Westraadt, Caitlin Barnard, Margaret Frances, Brian Kibby, Colleen Wood, Lêlin Frankenfeldt, Kristin Waters, Rowan Haller.

BUSINESS anniversary congratulations followed by good wishes for continued success go to the following businesses and organisations – Kowie Key (in Van der Riet Street), The Sky Gallery (Kenton-on-Sea), St John’s Anglican Church (180th anniversary in Bathurst).

AT the time of going to press, with last year’s figures in brackets to compare against, the rand was trading at R12.72 to the dollar (R13.52) , R16.95 to the Pound (R17.17) and R15.04 to the Euro (R14.70). Gold is trading at $1307.55 per ounce ($1 225.58), platinum
was trading at $907 per ounce ($909.10) and Brent Crude Oil at $75.95 per barrel ($49.19).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Dot Fetherstonhaugh, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Mark Price and Charlton Hilpert.

OUR condolences to the family and friends of Guy Hilton-Barber who passed away recently. Special thought to his wife Moira and his children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. May happy memories give you strength in this difficult time.

CONGRATULATIONS and continued happiness to everyone celebrating a wedding anniversary in the week ahead, especially Shane and Chelsea van Eeden, Tony and Trish Versfeld, John and Karen Kew, Cliff and Jacqui Tutton, Peter and Edna Smethurst, Bruce and Gwen Venters, Gary and Theresa Smith.

OUR heartiest congratulations to Alexander and Amber Berry (nee Bryant) on the arrival of their bonny boy, Jax George, on May 6. We know he will bring heaps of joy and happiness to the entire family.

THOUGHT for the week: “Mothers hold their child’s hand for a little while, but their heart forever” – we wish all mothers a happy and peaceful day on Sunday May 13.

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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