Ndlambe ANC caucus condemns actions by EFF

IN a strongly-worded statement on behalf of the ANC caucus in Ndlambe, chief whip Andile Marasi condemned the actions taken by the EFF when protesting on Monday.

“We find ourselves at a critical time in the history of our country, in the life of the ANC and in the course of the National Democratic Revolution (NDR). We have made significant progress in forging a unitary democratic state founded on the constitution which guarantees equal rights for all.

“The ANC is exposed to unsafe conditions in Ndlambe Municipality that pose a threat to the staff, officials and to the community of Ndlambe.

“The EFF interrupted the operations of Ndlambe Municipality on Monday in protest of the alleged demolition of the old gravesite (Eslyini) in Port Alfred. It is alleged they took staff from their work by force to the extent of man-handling and physically beating directors in their own offices.

“In retaliation, the staff and ANC Youth League members beat the EFF protestors, some of whom are reportedly in hospital due to this action.

“As the caucus of the ANC we take this opportunity to reaffirm our commitment to the values and principles to which so many of our leaders dedicated their lives. Our organisation belongs to the people of South Africa and it our duty safeguard and nurture it.

“The caucus wishes to condemn the EFF action in the strongest possible terms. The EFF has a representative in council and it through this mechanism that issues are raised in council before any other action is undertaken.

“The caucus is always ready and willing to sit and discuss matters to arrest the situation, without recourse to rioting or any other violent confrontation.

“Once more, the entire caucus feels empathy and wishes to show sympathy with those who suffered through the violent actions of the EFF.”


Councillor Andile Marasi, ANC Chief Whip, Ndlambe.

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