Neighbourly Notes – 17 May 2018

IN AID OF SICK CHILDREN: Talk of the Town staff celebrated Reach for a Dream’s slipper day with breakfast at Wimpy last Friday where, if you wore your slippers, you received a wristband supporting Reach for a Dream along with a cup of delicious coffee for just R10 Picture: LOUISE KNOWLES

GOOD day everyone. This weekend we are a little short of entertainment for the general community but, should the weather hold out (the forecast has been for rain for the last few days, yet it hadn’t rained up to the time of going to press) maybe the beach is a good option. Be that as it may, let’s start with U13 soccer. El Shaddai will be taking on Station Hill today. And for all those who have lost a loved one and need some help and comfort, you should consider attending the Friends with Compassion meeting at the Presbyterian Church Port Alfred. On Friday the Port Alfred High School Foundation Phase presents Rock Through the Ages Dance Revue, Cushion Show at 6pm, and, on Saturday, the Port Alfred Art Club meets and Port Alfred High School will be holding a Derby Day against Westering High School, at the school fields. See more about these and other events happening in the Kowie in our Diarise This section, below. Of course, you can always visit one our fine restaurants and eating establishments, or just go to the movies, and this week is a treat for the tots and teens with Maya the Bee, I Feel Pretty (review in this week’s paper), Every Day, and I Can Only Imagine. Whatever you are doing, have a great one.

THERE was some confusion last week regarding the Ward 10 mayoral imbizo that took place at the Port Alfred civic centre last Thursday evening. Unfortunately, as advertised, the meeting clashed with the CPF meeting at the Port Alfred High School which began at the same time. While there were upwards of 60 people at the CPF meeting, there were
just seven people at the imbizo. Perhaps crime is a more pressing issue than discussing problems in the area with the mayor, but the fact that so many people claimed they did not know about the imbizo was disturbing as it was stated clearly in articles and the TOTT diary for two weeks before the events took place, and was also in our online diary. The ward
councillor would also have told his committee, who tell their constituents. So, before you criticise the actions the municipality is taking, please remember that you had an opportunity to speak to the mayor and officials directly to get the answers.

WHILE prices in the shops steadily increase, either due to the recent petrol price hike or the increase in Value Added Tax (VAT), there are still a few things that have stayed about the same and, in some cases, have even dropped in price. Looking around local supermarkets, prices of cheese and eggs, for example, do not seem to have increased to the same degree as other items. Yet, you have to look for bargains these days. The typical trip to the shops should now take almost twice as long because studying the prices on the shelves and making comparisons can save a considerable amount of money at the tills. Happy shopping.

ON to national news, and Patricia de Lille is still mayor of Cape Town and the DA and EFF’s attempts to remove David Makhura as Gauteng premier have failed. Just when political parties should have taken advantage of the obvious disunity in the ruling party, the ANC, they themselves seemed to be on course for a melt-down. This is going to make the 2019  national elections very interesting.

WHAT is the problem with a country defending its borders against an enemy that has sworn to wipe it from the face of the planet? Hundreds of Palestinians on the Gaza Strip stormed the border with Israel on Tuesday with firearms, Molotov cocktails and explosives, and Israeli troops fired on them, killing more than 50 people, some of them children. People
are focused on the response and not the provocation, and this leads to an erroneous conclusion. Hamas, a Palestinian Sunni-Islamist fundamentalist organisation and its military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, has been stirring trouble and inciting violence against Israeli citizens for years. When armed Hamas operatives join in with
protesters, what can the Israelis do but fight back? Certainly, children put at the frontlines were killed in the crossfire (and Hamas was firing on Israel with guns, not just stones as the liberal [politically-correct, morally bereft] media would have us believe) but why is no one asking why the Palestinians brought children to such a potentially explosive protest. Who is actually in the wrong here? South Africa should be attempting to mediate a peaceful solution to the problems in the Middle East, but withdrawing its ambassador is not the answer.

HAPPY birthday greetings and every good wish for the year ahead to everyone celebrating a birthday in the coming week, especially Natalie Hanstein, Gavin Deenik, Thelma du Preez, Rose Bartlett, Linda Gibson, Aileen Cunningham, Marietha Petzer, Roy McLean, Gail Turner, Kay Hartzenberg, Paul Haywood, Lal Purdon, Darren de Bruin, Cuan Macgregor, Risha Faca, Karen Hecht, Gavyn Letley, Justin Thackeray, Ruth Wewege, Gayle le Roux, Denise Cock, Taylor du Plessis, Erroleen Boarolo, Joan Dyson, Bev Scoble, Jean Bathomley, Andrew Goetsch, Eileen Moody, Mia Groenewald, Travis Jacobs, Duzi Mklaipi, Billy Paterson, Jacques Scheepers, Ted Mathews, Ann Meyer, Anton Gouws, Dan Ward.

TO all business and community organisations who are enjoying another anniversary, we extend our sincere congratulations and may you have continued success in the future to Ocean Basket, Leach Pharmacy, Kingston Farm and Restaurant (Bathurst), Gail’s Dance School, Nduna Lodge, The Sandbar Floating Restaurant (Bushman’s), First Port Alfred Cubs and Scouts, and the Bathurst Methodist Church.

IT has happened at the worst possible time for South Africans in particular, the price of Brent Crude has been slowly passing through the $70s and is now almost at $80 per barrel. Along with the VAT increase, another, perhaps massive petrol price hike is on the cards for June. At the time of going to press the Rand was trading slightly better at R12.55 to the Dollar (R13.13), R16.93 to the Pound (R17.01) and R14.85 to the Euro (R14.57). Gold was trading at $1 293.47per fine ounce ($1 247.80), Platinum at $900.80 per ounce ($943.20) with Brent Crude Oil at $77.72 per barrel ($51.54).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, who are having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Dot Fetherstonhaugh, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Mark Price and Charlton Hilpert.

WEDDING anniversary greetings and congratulations for many more to everyone celebrating this special occasion in the week ahead, especially Hector and Kathy MacDonald, Treg and Edna Robey.

SAPPHIRE wedding greetings and congratulations to Gordon and Muriel Gill on this great occasion. May your 65th anniversary be wonderful and filled with love and laughter.

THOUGHT for the week: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team