Police and community march against violence and crime

THE Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison in partnership with CPF and SAPS held a march against violence and crime in the community last Saturday.

WALK THE TALK: Participants in the ‘fun walk’ in Nemato last Saturday held to demonstrate that the Department of Safety, Security and Liaison together with SAPS and community policing forums are against violence towards children. Stakeholders met at the Thornhill four-way and headed to Nemato Police Station. Picture: TK MTIKI

Police and departmental officials gathered with Nemato community members at Thornhill four-way for the “fun walk” at around 9am.

The event used to be “sport against crime” but due to its little impact it was changed into a fun walk. According to Luthando Dastile, who represented Department of Safety, Security and Liaison, the event was meant to demonstrate to the public that the above stakeholders are against crime and violence towards children.

Children who were the target of the event came in numbers with some local football coaches attending with their youngsters. The participants walked from Thornhill along Joe Slovo Street to Nemato Police Station where all participants were decorated with gold medals from the Department of Safety, Security and Liaison.

Upon arriving at Nemato Police Station, Dastile gave a brief speech about the purpose of the event. “Thanks to the coaches who keep these kids in sport, especially during this time of the holiday,” Dastile said.

He said sport encourages self-discipline by requiring a player to take care of his or her body. He also exhorted the children to have good manners. “Elders are all parents even if they are not your biological parents,” he said.

“Stay in school, that is what 1976 generation fought for.”

Dastile went on to remind kids that they have rights to education but he emphasised the responsibility of studying. He said that event was meant for kids and promised to organise tournaments that will keep them in sport.

He said a community parents’ meeting will follow very soon.

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