Misery in Moz: Saffers up the creek without a passport

Dozens of South Africans have had their passports confiscated and are said to be stranded in Mozambique for overstaying their welcome.

Their only recourse now to have their passports returned is to pay fines which run into thousands of rand.

Since last month‚ Mozambican immigration authorities have been clamping down on South Africans who arrive for business under the pretence of being in the country on holiday.

Times Select has learnt that nearly 30 South Africans are fighting to have their seized passports returned. It’s a fight that has now involved the Department of International Relations and Co-operation‚ which has officially requested a response from its Mozambican counterparts.

The Mozambican embassy failed to respond to questions from Times Select.

-For more on this story‚ please visit Times Select. https://select.timeslive.co.za/news/2018-07-11-misery-in-moz-saffers-up-the-creek-without-a-passport/

By: Graeme Hosken

Source: TMG Digital.

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