EFF make a big noise in town

XOLISA Runeli and a small group of other EFF stalwarts braved the rain on Friday afternoon to stand at the car park on Masonic Street in the CBD with a mic and amp and boomed their message to passers-by.

Runeli called out members of the municipality, saying they had destroyed the town through maladministration and corruption, at the same time challenging the police to arrest them for “speaking the truth”.

“Ray Schenk is useless. Speaker Vivian Maphaphu is useless,” went the refrain, and many more names beside.

During a more peaceful moment, Runelei said that the purpose of the demonstration was to tell people that the only hope for Port Alfred was the EFF.

With the rain beginning to fall more heavily there were few people around to hear the message, but that did not deter the defiant party members.

The EFF is holding its 5th anniversary on Saturday at Sisa Dukashe in East London.

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