Ndlambe gets two new honeysuckers to improve service delivery

With the aim of being proactive for the festive season Ndlambe Municipality has added two new vacuum tanker trucks (honeysuckers) to its fleet to be able to respond more quickly to septic tank callouts that have been a matter of concern for some areas.

KEYS HANDOVER: Ndlambe Municipality fleet manager Wayne Collins, left, received keys for two new vacuum tanker trucks from Shane Sunkel Picture: TK MTIKI.

Stating the purpose behind purchasing two new trucks, Ndlambe Municipality fleet manager Wayne Collins said: “There is a high demand for them. We already have five old ones but we are trying to replace them.”

Municipal spokesman Cecil Mbolekwa said the condition of the old trucks had affected the municipality’s effectiveness in performing its duties.

Half the homes in Port Alfred are not on the main line for waterborne sewage, and depend instead on septic tanks and French drains. The same is true for other parts of Ndlambe.

“With businesses and [the number of] people expanding, especial during the festive season, there is a high demand for sewage pump out,” Mbolekwa said

In past years, residents and businesses have had problems with septic tanks overflowing as one or more of the municipal honeysuckers frequently broke down and needed to go to the workshop for repairs, while the remaining honeysuckers could not cope with the workload and could not respond in time to callouts.

“Remember, when these trucks come back our drivers drive them fast trying to catch up with the work,” he said, explaining that this added wear and tear to the vehicles.

Mbolekwa said the municipality purchasing more vacuum tankers was part of delivering on their promises.

“These are the results of officials’ efforts together with councillors when we ask for capital budget. This is part of municipality improving fleet service delivery. We do not always deliver as the community requires us,” he said.


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