Help make up a Santa’s Seniors Shoebox


To brighten up what is often a lonely time for struggling pensioners, Talk of the Town is spearheading a Santa’s Seniors Shoebox collection for Christmas.

We have already had interest and support expressed by our Facebook readers, and we hope more residents come on board to donate items so we can make up shoebox parcels for as many needy seniors as possible.

We have asked Loaves and Fishes and Joy Altson of the Port Alfred Benevolent Society to help compile a list of deserving recipients.

We are looking for toiletries, creams, soaps, razors, perfume, deodorant, socks, bed socks, handkerchiefs, scarves, beanies, small blankets (knee rugs), sweets, biscuits, non-perishable foodstuffs (tins, jam,  cup-a-soup, etc), books, magazines, brushes, combs, jigsaw puzzles, writing pads, pens, drinking bottles, mugs, playing cards and anything else you could think of that a pensioner would appreciate.

We also need shoe boxes – ready decorated or plain, wrapping paper, ribbons, Christmas cards or Christmas labels. Also, gift bags that we can re-use. Monetary donations are also welcome – we will use it to buy goodies to make up the parcels.

Please drop off your donated items at the TotT offices. Should you have any queries please contact Mauneen on 046 6244356.


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