Neighbourly Notes – 11 October 2018

CAMPUS EXPOSURE: As the year approaches its end, Stenden South Africa held its last open day of 2018 last Friday, showcasing what’s on offer at the university. Potential applicants, together with their parents, were exposed to different fields of studies and the culture of the institution. Student affairs manager Ronel Bartlett said applications are still open until January 2019. Promoting their field of study, are international hospitality management students Nicole Prins, left, and Nikita Vermaak. Picture: TK MTIKI

THERE is not a lot happening this weekend but on Thursday it is rock, blues and burgers at Harry B’s with musician Jake Gunn. If you want to listen and watch an expert guitarist perform, then why not join the party for a night at Harry B’s on Thursday evening? It promises to be a blast and, best news of all, it is a free show.

HAVING received a phone call from a lady working at the Halyards Hotel, we went to speak with her regarding a complaint against one of the guests. At a time when people are reading racism into every comment made by anyone, white or black, there are still instances of overt racism that need to be addressed, and Yvonne Singeli, was caught in the sights of one particular racist on August 25 when a guest of the hotel hurled ugly insults at her. According to Singeli, she was preparing a room as delegates of a conference held at the hotel were leaving. Standing outside the door of another room a little way away, Singeli heard a man insulting the retiring conference attendees but, as most were in vehicles leaving the promises, she was the only one to hear what he had said. Turning, the man saw Singeli watching him and shouted to her, “You bloody black ka***r. Tidy my room”. As soon as her shift ended Singeli went to the Port Alfred SAPS office to lay a charge of crimen injuria. “I was so shaken that someone could be so hostile toward me. I had done nothing to him,” Singeli said. “I’m still trembling from the experience.” The man in question might have been having a bad day, shame, but that is most definitely no excuse. The question remains as to how, after 24 years of democracy, can anyone be so openly racist and hostile toward someone they do not know? There is no excuse for open racism, neither from whites nor from blacks, and South Africans must not get caught up in the blame games of political parties. Accusing an entire race for the mistakes and horrors of the past is not going to drive us forward. We all want a better South Africa, but open racism and the associated pain it can cause are unacceptable.

PORT Alfred now has a shooting range accredited by the National Regulator and can be used by both members of the Port Alfred Sports Shooting Club as well as by SAPS officers for certification purposes. Club member, Darryl Kukard was delighted by the news and the police were even more vocal, saying that this will save trips to Bisho for certification of officers and lead to better service delivery. Well done to the club, its committee and its members for all the hard work to get the range compliant with regulations.

CONGRATULATIONS and happy birthday greetings to everyone enjoying a special day, especially Sarah-Jane Taljaard, Felix Shepherd, Charles Watson, Elizabeth Vandermeulen, Doreen van Damme, Ola van Niekerk, Isobel Taute, Riley Hilpert, Kristin Bunge, Carla Gailey, Lucinda de Vos, Chris Johnston, Rosita Winter, Ben Kember, Dorothy Bowen, Doreen McCarthy, René Denis, Benji Jurgensen, Joani Stötter, Dax Wilmot, Nicole Flanagan, Chantell Saunders, Nadia Harris, Pat Soine, Pieter Bezuidenhout, Johan Potgieter, Arno Strohm, Joan Purdon, Kim Wilson, Doreen McCarthy, Arabella Sponneck, Tamara Yete, Terence McCarthy, Eve Wallace, Brendan Walker, Jenivie Grune, Sarah Ford, Samantha Costa, Rodney Gradwell, Neil de Villiers, Ray Davidson, Jan Simpson, Denis Stirk.

BEST wishes and congratulations to all the businesses having an anniversary and here’s wishing you all continued success, especially to Remax Kowie, Thospark, Sparrow Pools, Paws and Claws.

WELL, Nhlanhla Nene has resigned because he was caught in a lie, and this has ended weeks of uncertainty that have seen the rand descend into an abyss. The question on the lips of potential investors is how many more politicians who have been caught in even worse lies are going to get axed? The appointment of former central bank governor Tito Mboweni to the position of finance minister rallied the rand on Tuesday but, unless more positive actions follow, this trend is not likely to continue. The Zuma legacy of corruption and a blatant disregard for the rule of law has shaken the confidence of those who are able invest and create jobs in order to get our economy back on its feet. Mboweni will now present the midterm budget on October 24 and it is hoped that, along with his appointment, the outlook for SA will improve. With last year’s figures in brackets for comparison, the Rand was trading at R14.60/$ (R13.58); R19.23/£ (R17.91) and R16.80/ß (R16.06). Commodities were trading with Gold at $1,188.40 per fine ounce ($1,292.32), platinum at $834.90 per ounce ($935.10) and Brent Crude Oil $84.77 per barrel ($56.68).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are unwell, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. “Sterkte” to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Emilene Bruwer, Jenny Groenewald, Rowena Collin.

SINCERE condolences to the family and friends of Heather Simes who passed away peacefully last Saturday. A memorial service will be held at Grace and Truth Church in Port Alfred on Saturday at 2pm.

CONDOLENCES also to the family and friends of Norman Whitfield, especially Belinda and Raymond, Roger and Monique, as well as Cheryl, Colin and Rene and their children and grandchildren. A memorial service will be held at Damant Lodge on Thursday at 2.30pm.

HEARTFELT sympathy and condolences to the family and friends of Graham Pearce who passed away peacefully Monday October 8. He will be greatly missed by his children Richard, Lindy, Marianne and Pat and his grandchildren Zane, Kim and Michael. May wonderful memories of all the good times spent together comfort you through the sad times.

MAY continuing happiness be with the following couples as they celebrate their wedding anniversaries with good wishes for many more. Congratulations to Peter and Gill Wansell, Warwick and Leonie Beetge, Peter and Elaine Collins, Hans and Jo-Anne Fourie, Brenda and Russell Shelton, Owen and Colleen Moore, Ronald and Junette Smith, Norman and Greta Levine, Bill and Hazel Whitham, Robert and Jenne Boyce, Mauritz and Ria van der Merwe.

SPECIAL congratulations to Dylan Murry and Tania Adams who were married in Bathurst on Monday. May the two of you enjoy your new life together and continue to love and live life to its fullest.

CONGRATULATIONS to Wade Labuschagne and Lauren Meyer who were married on Saturday, October 6. May your lives together grow ever more loving as the years roll by.

THOUGHT for the week: “Time is that fleeting moment when the future passes into the past. So use every moment; grab it, embrace it and make it into your own memories”.

BEST regards as always,
The Team

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