Word of Faith church demonstrates its faith

According to Pastor Wonderful Maneli’s speech during Word of Faith soup kitchen launch on Saturday afternoon, feeding people appeared to be a biblical activity.

FOOD FEAST: Just before the church service began, Word of Faith church in Nemato Township began its soup kitchen, which inte4nds feeding people of all ages every Wednesday and Sunday. Pictured with the beneficiaries at the back are from left, Pastor Wonderful Maneli, his wife Nompumelelo Maneli, Ayabulela Xawuka and her husband Siswe Xawuka Picture: TK MTIKI

As Maneli introduced the initiative he said, “We are here to introduce what Jesus has placed in our hearts. This is the service that Jesus Christ himself did and we are following his footsteps.”

In supporting of his belief he made reference of the famous story found in the book of Matthew 14:13-21. “There is a scripture that says Jesus fed more than a crowd of five thousand with five loaves of bread and two fishes. By introducing this soup kitchen Maneli said the Church was doing exactly the same thing.

He added that different preachers have interpreted the scripture in different ways but they (the church) decided to do it as revealed to their hearts.

Talking from the experience Maneli further said: “It is painful to see people starving especial kids. I am from a poor background and I know the pain of starving”.

He told beneficiaries about his childhood difficulties. “You know when I was a child my mother struggled to buy one loaf of bread,” he said. He went on to state that many children went astray because of hunger. The compassionate pastor urged those in attendance to invite even other hungry children who were not aware of the new soup kitchen.

Telling people about when they should come Maneli said, “We will be feeding people on Wednesday and Sundays just before the Sunday service. This is a Christ life and we are not boasting. We are just trying to help wherever we can.”

Even though children were his focus some older people were present and Maneli insisted that every poor person was welcome.

On behalf of the church Sizwe Xawuka junior Pastor has appealed for any public assistance. Xawuka can be contacted at 065 568 4791.

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