Remorseless Donile sentenced to an effective 27 years

It came as an obvious relief to the family of murder victim Noel Maddocks, when magistrate Kenny Cooney handed down sentence on murderer Tonny Donile on Friday.

Standing in the dock of the Port Alfred Regional Court, magistrate Cooney sentenced Donile to an effective 27-years in prison having been found guilty on three counts; count one, culpable homicide, for which he received 10 years, count two housebreaking, for which he received 2 years and, count three, murder, for which he received 17 years.

Counts two and three will run concurrently.

In his summation, Cooney said that at no time had Donile shown any remorse for his actions.

Read the full story in next week’s Talk of the Town.

CONVICTED MURDERER: Tonny Donile received an effective 27 years imprisonment for culpable homicide, housebreaking and murder in the Port Alfred Regional Court on Friday

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