Artistic flair at the Floral Art Group

Taking some foliage and other objects that others might discard the members of the Port Alfred Floral Art Group (PA-FAG) can turn these items into decorative pieces that can be used as table centrepieces or as ornamental artwork to brighten your home.

A simple but effective way to make your own artwork, but years of dedication and a careful eye are required to meet the exacting standards as laid out in competition by the South African Flower Union.

This months theme was “Holiday inspirations” and members displayed their talent depicting artwork to reflect the recent Christmas season.

Some members spent their holidays with an oriental feel.




While others seem to have been more in touch with their British cousins.






While yet others thought they were perhaps living in a fishbowl.

PA-FAG meets once a month on the third Saturday each month at the Don Powis Hall, Settlers Park. See our Diarise This section of the newspaper or online at for more details.

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