“Bathurst 50” cases postponed until Tuesday

AWAITING TRIAL: Some of the members of the “Bathurst 50” were lined up and marched into court in smaller groups to defend their actions at the latest Bathurst protests Picture: ROB KNOWLES

The 50 residents of Bathurst’s Nolukhanyo Township that were arrested on Thursday January 17 following their protest for housing appeared at the Port Alfred Magistrates Court on Friday to face various charges including public violence, wilful damage to property and defying the orders of the police.

A total of 46 of those arrested were women who had to rely on neighbours and friends to assist getting their children washed, fed and off to school.

The protests are just the latest in a long history of waiting for answers from the municipality regarding issues on housing, water, sanitation and other grievances.

Story in this week’s Talk of the Town.

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