Pit bull attacks man and Maltese poodle in Durban

A man who was out walking his Maltese poodle in Durban was attacked by a pit bull that had apparently escaped from its yard.

Paramedic Ceron Meadows attends to Lambo, a Maltese poodle who was attacked, along with its owner, by a pit bull in Durban.
Image: Rescue Care

The incident took place at around 6pm on Thursday on Marine Drive on the Bluff, south of the city.

According to Rescue Care spokesman Garrith Jamieson, the man, in his 20s, sustained moderate injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment.

“Rescue Care paramedics arrived on the scene to find the man had sustained dog bites to his upper body. He was stabilised on the scene… before being transported to a nearby hospital,” said Jamieson.

He added that paramedics were asked to assist with the Maltese poodle, named Lambo, who was also attacked.

Advanced Life Support paramedic Ceron Meadows and medic Rowan Scandroglio treated and dressed the dog’s wounds.

SAPS were on the scene and will be investigating further.


Source: TMG Digital

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