Clean-up to bring community together

Talk of the Town, Rosehill SuperSpar and Nemato Spar have teamed up for a clean-up on March 8 that will tackle the areas around four township schools.

The clean-was organised by Ward 6 councillor MK Raco and TotT staff member Adele Steck, who identified several areas that need to be cleaned, including the R67 between Nemato and Thornhill, around Nomzamo, Mtyhobo and Dambuza schools in Nemato, and around Port Alfred Primêre in Station Hill.

Raco said he had organised about ten people from the Community Work Programme and five people from Ndlambe FM to take part, because he believes they play a major role within the community.

“We are the custodians of the community, therefore I believe we must oversee that these things happen,” Raco said. “I consulted directly with stakeholders to become part and parcel of this clean-up. I want the people from the Community Work Programme and Ndlame FM to be instrumental in getting the information out there and for them to take part as well because they are part of the community.

“We are cleaning up the areas around the schools mostly because we want to teach the pupils about the importance of keeping the community clean, and we want them to also participate so that they know how to keep the community clean,” he said.

Rosehill SuperSpar and Nemato Spar owner Lesley Theunissen said that Spar Eastern Cape had started a drive in 2018 about raising awareness of the damage that plastic bags have on the environment.

To this end, all Spar stores were requested to discourage customers from buying plastic bags to carry their groceries. Instead, a number of paper and other recyclable bags were offered for sale to the public. The public was also encouraged to return plastic bags (not only Spar but any merchant’s bags) to their store in exchange for sturdy brown paper bags. This was a massive success.

“As part of the local drive to reduce plastic and other litter in our community, we have welcomed the opportunity to partner with Talk of the Town in this clean-up. We have involved ourselves with many projects in the Ndlambe area and this is another opportunity to give back to a community that has supported us well over the last few years,” Theunissen said.

“While we are reducing the number of plastic bags leaving our store on a daily basis, there is obviously a huge amount of plastic and other litter already out there. Someone has to clean this up – by involving members of our community in this clean-up we are achieving a few objectives. Firstly, by picking up litter in our area, we are obviously reducing the risk of this waste ending up in our rivers and oceans. We are also raising the awareness of all people involved in this project of the damage we have done and are still doing in our communities,” she said.

Theuniseen added that hopefully, people will think twice before they litter and rather find a suitable bin in which to drop these items.

Port Alfred relies heavily on the Kowie River and beautiful beaches to attract tourists to our town. This in turn results in investment in our area which benefits all members of the community. Polluted rivers, beaches, parks and streets are not what we or our visitors want.

Should you wish to join in the clean-up on Friday, 8th March, please meet at the Titi Jonas Centre at 10 a.m. Black bags and gloves will be provided. Tidy town, happy town – let’s all join hands and make a difference!


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