More sewage problems

It is a perennial problem, raw sewage flowing down streets and roads and directly into the river, and the urgent attention of the municipality is required if the problem is to be finally resolved.

This time, and not for the first time, it is the Pike Lane pump station at the corner of Becker Street that appears to be broken allowing raw sewage from that point to flow along the storm water drains and downhill to the intersection with Stocks Avenue.

The sewage then flows through pipes set under the road with their outlets directly into the Kowie River.

This is not the total extent of the problem as the storm water drains themselves are packed tightly with weeds, grass and discarded refuse that causes the water to overflow the drain and pour across the street.

A civil engineer needs to be commissioned to redesign the system of drainage throughout the towns and and townships to fix the problem permanently. Qualified maintenance personnel are required to fix and maintain pumps and pump stations throughout the area that are constantly failing.

In the meantime, with a considerable number of temporary EPWP workers, surely at least the drains could be unblocked at minimal cost?

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