Stationary truck rear-ended on Southwell

A motorist hit a truck which had apparently broken down and was parked in the west-bound lane of Southwell Road (R72) between the Krantz braai area and Duck Pond on Friday evening at about 5.30pm.

The driver of the Toyota Hilux said he had been blinded by the setting sun on his windscreen and did not notice the stationary truck until it was too late. Tyre marks from his braking are visible on the road.

TotT heard the truck had broken down earlier in the day but had not been attended to or towed.

There were no traffic police on the scene in the 20 minutes TotT was present. Fire department workers were doing their best to direct traffic by hand, letting cars in the blocked lane alternate with oncoming traffic, while a towing service and friend of the Toyota driver assisted the man, who had injured his leg in the collision.

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