Neighbourly Notes – 28 February 2019

BURNING CALORIES: Perhaps Elvis tribute artist, Lionel Hunt, at the rear, wasn’t burning love at last Saturday’s parkrun, but calories were certainly being melted off, according to his wife Sue, in front. Picture: JON HOUZET

THIS weekend is the start of the 115th Kenrich Cricket Tournament, probably the only place in the world where farmers down tools, en masse, for eight days to play cricket. Yet this is the 115th time the Lower Albany farmers (along with invitational sides from outside the area) have done so. The only times the tournament has been postponed was during the two world wars, and probably because of a lack of available players rather than the fact that the world was at war, so keen are the farmers for the game of cricket. The games are highly competitive with Salem having won last year’s tournament after a hiatus of 10 years since their last win in 2008 when they were joint winners with Port Alfred. During that 10 year period the honours exchanged hands between Sidbury, Cuylerville and Manley Flats but Salem’s win last year has opened up the field a little, so we should see some great games over the week. Best of all, every evening there is a social at the Port Alfred Country Club with interesting guests and some (very) interesting cricketers. Don’t miss out, and make sure you get to at least one game to show your support for our local players.

THERE is plenty to shout about on Friday afternoon and evening at the Port Alfred High School and at the Bathurst Agricultural Museum. The school will be in carnival mood on Friday afternoon, from 3pm to 6pm. Get to the school sports fields and indulge yourself. And, on Friday evening it’s the Geoff Palmer Auction at Pike’s Post at the Bathurst Agricultural Museum. There are very many items up for grabs for the highest bidder so, if you fancy the fun and excitement of an auction, get to Bathurst from 6pm (for viewing items) tomorrow (Friday).

THE iconic but definitely run-down hotel on Beach Road, The Ferryman’s, suffered from a fire on Tuesday morning that destroyed property along with memorabilia gathered from visitors, particularly the many foreign students that used to stay at the hotel as well as currency that manager Godfrey Elms had adhered to the walls of the bar. In fact, the bar seems to be the main focus of the robbers who also removed all the booze from the place before apparently setting it on fire. According to reports it took the Ndlambe Fire Department half an hour to get to the Ferryman’s, a trip that even given the roadworks should take only five minutes, even during peak time, and this was before 6am when traffic is usually light. Really guys, where were you? Unfortunately Elms was taken to hospital because of smoke inhalation, but what would have happened if there were others, maybe incapacitated, in the building at the time of the fire? Emergency service personnel must always be on duty and ready to react quickly when an accident or emergency presents itself. Their equipment must be fully operational at all times and they must be ready to get to work on solving the problem to minimise damage to property and injury to victims.

WITH just over four weeks to go before the Bathurst Agricultural Show, Bathurst Agricultural Society president, Danny Wepener commissioned a new borehole to be dug at the grounds to assist with a general dearth of water at the showgrounds. It must have been tense, awaiting the results as the drilling team burrowed into the ground to find the water the diviner had identified below the surface. At 50m down it seemed as though the diviner might have been wrong, and there are no guarantees, but they continued downward. They passed the 60m mark, still no water. At 70m there was still no water, aside from the sweat I presume was running from Wepener’s forehead and off his nose. And then, at 80m they hit water; what a relief. Well done Danny and the team, this is going to be a great event.

HAPPY birthday and may the year ahead be the best ever, is what we wish everyone enjoying a special day this week, especially Jessica Green, Storm Gretton, Danielle Spaumer, Biance Twynham, Samie Step, Jerusha Govender, Anna Byrd, Val Dugmore, Mike Hockin, Rohan Myburgh, Dan Hilpert, Delonore Schafer, Colleen Shaw, Amber Oelofse, Sima Booi, Kaine Charter, Orpa Westraadt, Ziyanda Bans, Darryl Hanstein, Jill Long, Monique Harvey, Athol Waters, Dave Tyrrell, Gordon Bunting, Kathy Turner, Stuart Vincent, Angela Welsh, Kathy Mansfield, Bev Monaghan, Liz Cooper, Peter Francis, Carole Christie, Lee Anne Sawyer Repinz, Pat Wilson, Brenda Hulley, Saskia Swart, Pieter Retief, Andre van Vuuren, Cyril Tyson, Ivor Gray, Ivan Schaefer, Ken Butler, Isobel Timm, Tinkie le Roux, Elsabe Wiseman, Louise Grottsch, Trisha Van Wyk, Dominique Pattie, Lynn Coetzee, Andre van Vuuren, Natasha Pawley, Stella Reifman, Giles Shepherd, Jeremy Kohler.

OUR heartiest congratulations to Dean and Charis Charter on the arrival of their beautiful baby boy Mark William. We know he will bring heaps of joy and happiness to the entire family, especially to granny and grandpa, Peter and Mauneen Charter.

CONGRATULATIONS, best wishes and continued success to all businesses having an anniversary, especially to Decadent (Post Masters Village), Top Carpets (Rosehill Mall), Pick n Pay Liquor (Heritage Mall), Kowie Vet Clinic (corner of Southwell and Atherstone Road) and LP Gaz (Bathurst Street, East Bank).

THE national elections are definitely causing concern in the international markets, specifically among those countries that have deigned to do business in our country, and fluctuations in the currency will increase over the next two months, both up and down, as the politicking begins in earnest and politicians hurriedly scramble to recover lost voters and actually fulfil their election promises made at the last national elections. At the same time the many commissions set up to investigate corruption do not seem to be having any effect on the guilty parties who are mostly still in office, and this is also worrying investors. Further, South Africans will have to brace themselves following the budget of more than a 70c increase in petrol prices next month. With last year’s trading figures in brackets to compare against, the Rand is R13.85 to the Dollar (R11.71), R18.45 to the Pound (R16.26) and R15.78 to the Euro (R14.31). Gold is trading at $1,326.85 per fine ounce ($1,315.77) with Platinum at $852.85 ($1,007.05) and Brent Crude Oil at $66.29 per barrel ($66.62).

SPECIAL thoughts and prayers are with all those folk who are not well, having or have already had tests, operations and treatments. ‘Sterkte’ to Roy Potter, Andrew de Vries, Jenny Groenewald, Rowena Collin and Brenda Shelton.

HAPPY anniversary greetings and best wishes for many more to the following couples on their special occasions. Further happiness to Hayden and Anneli Hanstein, Andrew amd Ronel Bartlett, Kevin and Marlene Brown, David and Megan Waddington, Trevor and Stephanie Warner, Tyler and Sasha-Lee Schafti, Kenny and Liz Hill.

JUST in, apparently former president Jacob Zuma has called upon pastor Alph Lukau in an attempt to resurrect his career.

THOUGHT for the week: “Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”

BEST regards as always,
The Team.

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