Give us hope, pleads 71-year-old woman living in squalor

Staying in a one-room log cabin is generally something that holidaymakers do when touring, but what if it was your permanent home yet without water, sewerage or electricity?

Attention was drawn to the plight of Anna Taylor, 71, and her son, Eric who live at Anna Taylor, off Bathurst Road when, with no water or electricity. The Taylors were visited by the SPCA regarding the condition of their two dogs, Lady and Emma.

“The SPCA has been very good,” said Taylor. “Our dogs are now getting better and the fleas and ticks have disappeared. The fur on both animals who suffered from mange is also growing back.”

Taylor moved from her original cabin to the one next door where her son, Eric lives. “I am 71 years-of-age and Eric said that he could not have me living by myself under those conditions. There is a rodent problem and it is difficult to keep the place clean. Without water we cannot even flush the toilet, and have to use the bush.”

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