Increase in drug use in Port Alfred

The Port Alfred Community Policing Forum held their meeting at the police station on Tuesday to discuss crime stats and other security matters around Port Alfred.

WELL DONE: Warrant Officer Tommie Louw, left, received an award of commendation at the Port Alfred CPF meeting from chairman George Galbraith Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

In their discussion a few concerns were raised in terms of crime, street lights that are not working properly in sector 2 (West Bank) and 3 (East Bank and Station Hill) and the increase in drug use in some of the areas, which is linked to an increase in other crime.

In the sector policing report, sector 2 has had problems with street lights not working and the issue was reported to Manelec. But several complaints were made by some people that the street lights shine brightly in their windows, so lights were left unfixed. On the other hand the lack of illumination posed a threat to the safety of residents, as it could result in increased break-ins.

Warrant officer Tommie Louw gave his report for sector 3, stating that crime in this area is still a huge problem. He also said that drugs are another issue.

“About the drug issue, we really need a strategy to deal with the drug users; we have been to social development asking for their intervention in the issue,” Louw said.

“In Sector 3 we also have street lights problems causing the street to be dark. They were reported to Ndlambe but they do not replace them. Instead they just repair them and that is not helping because after some time they go off again.”

CPF chairman George Galbraith also said crime is becoming a serious problem and the police need to come up with a strategy to tackle the issue.

“Crime is a huge problem, especially after hours and we really need a solution to this. Police patrols need to be a regular thing, because now we have had a number of complaints about people walking around with knives, and many knives have been confiscated by the police in a stop and search. When they are asked why are they carrying knives they said that they want to protect themselves because they moving from point A to point B. We will have zero tolerance to this behaviour and we suggested that regular stop and searches need to be done,” Galbraith said.

“I also received two e-mails about car guards in the My Pond Hotel parking area and some of them even fighting with knives. Something needs to be done about that as well.”

Towards the end of the meeting Louw received an award of commendation for the good work he does for the community.

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