Households getting smaller: 62% have fewer than four members – Stats SA

Household growth is outpacing population growth in South Africa.

“While the population has increased by 1.3% a year over the period 2002-2018‚ the number of households increased by 2.4% a year in the same period‚ a growth of 48.9% over the period‚” statistician-general Risenga Maluleke wrote in Stats SA’s 2018 General Household Survey (GHS).

The annual survey‚ released on Tuesday‚ has been tracking progress in addressing development challenges since 2002.

“Since households are the basic units for service delivery‚ rapid household growth will constrain the delivery of basic services‚” added Maluleke.

Roughly one in four households (25.7%) consists of only one person‚ while 62% house three or fewer members.

Nuclear households – parents living with their children – make up 39.1% of households‚ while 14.2% of households are home to three generations.

Almost four out of 10 households (37.9%) are headed by women.

One in five children (19.8%) do not live with either of their biological parents‚ while 33.8% live with both parents‚ 43.1% with only their mothers and 3.3% with their fathers.

The survey found that 2.4% of children have lost their mothers‚ while 7.4% have lost their fathers. Two percent of children have lost both parents.

“Families and households are profoundly important to the developmental‚ emotional and cognitive growth of children. Parents can play a central role in this development‚” said Maluleke.

“The value of living with biological parents‚ however‚ depends on the quality of care they can provide. Children are often left in the care of other relatives‚ such as grandparents.”

By: Nico Gous -TimesLIVE

Source: TMG Digital.

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