Ndlambe’s landfill sites get a makeover

Ndlambe’s solid waste disposal problems could become a thing of the past if council gives the go-ahead to an expert in the field.

Marius Els, director of Mphele Engineers, gave a presentation to council last week on the work his company had already done and could do in future on Ndlambe’s landfill sites.

Els said his civil engineering company specialised in waste and previously did projects in Rooikraal, Alberton, Kempton Park and Rustenburg.

“We are working currently on [Ndlambe’s] landfill sites to maintain them according to minimum standards,” he said.

If Mphele Engineers gets a contract from Ndlambe, Els said there were progressive stages to improving the landfill sites, depending on funding.

They are doing site selection for a new, properly managed landfill site and transfer stations in certain places.

There are waste-to-energy possibilities and ways to involve the community, he said.

“We would close the existing landfill sites in Port Alfred, Bathurst and Alexandria and decide on end-use. We could give the Port Alfred landfill site back to the community and turn it into a soccer field. But we can’t close it until we have a new one,” he said.

Transfer stations would be set up in Alexandria, Kenton, Bathurst and Seafield. Composting can be done in Kenton and a recycling project could be started to turn plastic into bricks, he said. Unlike eco-bricks, these are machine-made moulded plastic bricks.

During the establishment of the new landfill site and transfer stations, there would be temporary employment for 40 people for three years, and thereafter permanent employment for 20 people.

“We give the training and provide the machinery, and depend on the municipality to provide the people to train,” he said.

He said Mphele Engineers would be responsible for sourcing funding on the municipality’s behalf.


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