Council notes: Solar geyser rollout for Ndlambe

In a national solar geyser rollout programme, Ndlambe will benefit by being given 4,000 geysers for installation in indigent households.

Ndlambe Municipality had to prepare a list of households to benefit.

According to municipal manager Rolly Dumezweni’s report in last week’s council agenda, installation is complicated by Ndlambe’s water crisis and not all targeted households having the requisite plumbing to convey both cold and hot water.

“Currently, the DoE [department of energy] has not mentioned anything about this or whether this would be part of the installations to be done,” Dumezweni said.

The geysers will be divided between the wards as follows: Ward 1 (573 geysers), Ward 2 (344), Ward 3 (557), Ward 4 (384), Ward 5 (618), Ward 6 (178), Ward 7 (499), Ward 8 (292), Ward 9 (549), Ward 10 (6).

See the full council notes in this week’s Talk of the Town.

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