Sighting of male baboon in Port Alfred

the office of the director: community/protection services for Ndlambe Municipality issued the following media release:

The public may be aware that there has, during the last two weeks, been sightings of a baboon in Port Alfred. He/She has been sighted in various neighbourhoods including Forest Downs, the West Bank and the Flats.

Environmental law officials, in conjunction with a local vet, the SPCA and the Department of Environmental Affairs in Grahamstown (sic), are of the opinion that the best course of action at this time is to keep track of the movements of the baboon. Darting of the animal may only be done by a registered Wild Life Veterinarian. This will only be considered should the situation necessitate it.

At no time, including during previous sightings of a baboon in Port Alfred, were domestic animals or people in danger. In fact, it is not natural behaviour for a baboon to attack small domestic animals. While we cannot guarantee that this will always be the case, we request the public to be vigilant and remain calm. An option is to keep animals inside if the baboon is seen in your area.

The killing of any wild animal by unauthorised persons is prohibited, either with a firearm or any other means.

Further enquiries can be directed to Environmental Law Officer – W Nel, email


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