BigM from Canada helping Ndlambe with climate change and asset management

Salga’s BigM project manager, Tebogo Matlou is overseeing the project to increase awareness of climate change and its effect on the people of the area.

BigM (Building Inclusive Green Municipalities) is an initiative of the Canadian government to help stimulate growth and modernise infrastructure in South Africa’s Eastern Cape province. From the South African side, Salga (South African Local Government Association) is running the BigM project in other municipalities in the province to educate people of the importance of recycling as well as finding solutions to underground infrastructural problems.

“We need to go back and ask how did we manage to do some of these things in the past, even before climate change and the idea of recycling became issues,” said Matlou. “It starts with our children who understand better than us how climate change and wasting our natural resources will affect them in the future.”

More on the Canadian BigM project in next week’s Talk of the Town.

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