New eating room for Port Alfred Primêre

Port Alfred Primêre Grade 4 teacher and school coordinator Louise Bouah together with the rest of the school recently raised funds to build their own cafeteria where pupils can enjoy their meal times without interrupting teaching time.

OUR OWN SPACE: Port Alfred Primêre pupils enjoying their meal of the day in their newly built cafeteria which was built with money raised from fundraising Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

After realising that having pupils eating in classrooms cuts teaching time and can cause disruptions, Bouah came with the idea of creating a place where they can eat in peace.

She said the people who cook meals for the pupils used to have to carry big buckets of food from class to class, so the idea of a cafeteria would also benefit them.

“We started raising funds a while back. Every term there was a project that we were busy with, that was going to generate money for the school in order to be able to build this cafeteria. It has tables and chairs where everyone can be accommodated,” she said.

“This room that we built took us about two months to build. We use it for other things as well such as school events that are hosted at night, and even school meetings, so we call it our versatile room because we can host other things in it,” she said.

Principal Mark Bouah expressed his gratitude and said how proud he is of the school. He said they had not waited on the education department only to help, as there are other projects that they working on as well.

“At the present moment we are working on our next project that is also going to benefit the school and in August we have another fundraising event that will be held at the school. We are working on bettering our school – slowly but surely we getting there,” he said.


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