SA Defence Force will send high-level team to Mozambique after shooting

The SA Defence Force (SANDF) is expected to send a high-level team to Mozambique to interact with authorities following a shooting incident with the country’s border police.

SANDF chief Gen Solly Shoke will send a delegation to Mozambique to establish facts surrounding a shooting at the SA-Mozambique border on Sunday.


SANDF spokesperson Brig-Gen Mafi Mgobozi confirmed in a statement on Monday that shots were fired in the area of Ndumo, east of Farazella, along the SA-Mozambique border at around 4pm on Sunday.

He described the contact as a “shooting incident”.

“Our soldiers were conducting routine patrol as part of borderline protection when this incident occurred,” Mgobozi said.

Mgobozi said that after the incident SANDF chief Gen Solly Shoke sent a delegation to the border post to establish facts surrounding the shooting.

He said the delegation had since returned and submitted a preliminary report to the SANDF.

Mgobozi said SANDF is determined to “do everything within the law to execute its border control responsibility and ensure that our country’s borders are secured”.

“The huge task to keep our country’s borders secure is a task we execute in concert with fellow Southern African Development Community (SADC) countries and both the local and Mozambican authorities are working hand in glove to seal the SADC borders against the illicit trafficking of drugs, weapons and contraband.”


Source: TMG Digital

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