From joining social media to becoming a ‘target’ – Jacob Zuma in his own words

Former President Jacob Zuma. Picture: FILE

Former president Jacob Zuma‚ in his own words‚ [spoke of being in] prison with Mandela‚ double standards‚ and why he joined social media‚ in an interview with Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh.

Here are seven quotes from the interview:

On joining social media

“People were talking a lot about myself‚ very little of what I said was coming out to the public and I also thought to be part of Twitter‚ will help allow our views to be uncensored because at times things are reported in a very limited way.”

‘I never thought I’d be president’

“It is the kind of activities or happenings in our lives that we will never forget. It was in March 1964 that we went to Robben Island‚ a huge number of us‚ ANC and PAC political prisoners and many of us were young. I don’t think any of us thought we would be given the task of such enormous responsibilities to be a president of the country.”

Prison with Mandela

“The Rivonia trialists were put in isolation. In the section where they would each have their own cells and we stayed in the cells that accommodate a number of prisoners. It was not easy to meet but if we were punished for anything‚ we would be sent to the isolation section where you would serve your punishment and it was during that time that we’d be able to have a bit of contact.”

Self-interest in the ANC

“There were people who were making sure that their interests were indeed entrenched‚ entrenched in the new kind of system‚ they were beginning to implant themselves so that they should be in control all the time.”

Double standards

“When it comes to Jacob Zuma‚ these measures must be implemented as they are. The remedial actions that are binding‚ became prominent when it came to Zuma. Now that there are different individuals‚ that emphasis is no longer there. In fact‚ it looks like there is something wrong with the current public protector.”

‘Narrative against Zuma’

“Courts have been used‚ political powers have been used against me. I reached a point where I had to resign as the president of the republic. Again the background comes to the fore. That is why I was saying the commission is another narrative against Zuma.”

Source: TMG Digital.

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