Gatvol taxi driver dumps passengers over R100 note

Almost every commuter knows that one way to get on a taxi driver’s case is to pay with a R100 or R200 note – because getting your change might just be a struggle, especially if it’s in the morning rush. 

A stressed-out taxi driver lost it when a passenger attempted to pay him with a R100 note.
Image: Screen grab via Twitter video/@Troniiq_Sithole

These passengers felt the wrath of their taxi driver when one paid with a R100 note.

In the video the driver can be heard shouting at passengers and demanding the culprit own up.

“La bona ke 6 o’ clock, ke tsamaya ke ntse ke emisa di taxi ke nyakana le change ya R100, why le sa rekela bana balona borotho (It’s 6 o’ clock now, I’m forced to stop other taxi drivers, asking for R100 change. Why didn’t you buy bread for your children so you can get change?),” the driver charges.

The driver then asks a passenger to pinpoint the owner of the now infamous note.

“Mlungu, ke mang o patetseng ka R100 (White man, who paid with R100),” he asks.

The passenger, anxious to clear his name responds: “Aowa, it’s at the back.”

Determined to find the culprit, the driver storms out of the taxi and goes to confront the passengers but no one owns up.

One passenger pleads with the culprit to confess, as the commuters are now beginning to run late.

Out of sheer frustration, the driver orders the passengers out of his vehicle.

“Ke nyaka ho etsa check in, boss yaka e nyaka check in. Folohang, are yeng. Almal, mlungu le wena, out” (I want to go check in with my boss and give him the money I made for the day and now I must go around looking for change, in fact get out of the car, let’s go, everyone, including you white man), the frustrated taxi driver tells the passengers.


Source: TMG Digital

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