Angry reaction as Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari says ‘he’ll send an envoy’

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has responded to the ongoing attacks on foreign nationals, some of whom are Nigerians, by issuing a statement in which he says an envoy will be sent to South Africa to discuss the unrest.

Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has been criticised for saying he will speak face-to-face with President Cyril Ramaphosa only ‘next month’ about attacks on Nigerians in South Africa.
Image: REUTERS/Carlo Allegri

His reaction followed that of President Cyril Ramaphosa, who condemned the attacks of foreign nationals through his and the presidency’s Twitter accounts.

Buhari said Ramaphosa needs to assure his people that enough is being done to put an end to the violence and ensure the safety of Nigerian nationals and their properties.

“I am sending a special envoy to President Ramaphosa to share our deep concern about the security of Nigerian lives and property in South Africa, and to ensure that the South African government is doing everything within its power in this regard.”

Thousands responded to this and were far from satisfied with his response, with many not buying into Buhari’s plan of action, instead suggesting that he flies to SA to address his people and assure them of his commitment to ensuring their safety.

Hours later, the Nigerian presidency issued an update in which it said South African officials had been summoned to Nigeria to discuss the way forward, and that Buhari would meet Ramaphosa in a month’s time.

Still, Nigerians were far from impressed.


Source: TMG Digital

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