South Africans reject Ramaphosa’s comments on crime‚ looting‚ violence against women

President Cyril Ramaphosa has been heavily criticised by many South Africans on Twitter‚ following his response to recent victims of gender-based violence‚ general crime and looting of small shops owned by foreign nationals.

It is not only the current state of the country that has people riled up‚ but Ramaphosa’s delayed reaction to the chaos.

Responding to the murders of Uyinene Mrwetyana and Nolunde Vumsindo – among many others – Ramaphosa said although the government was working hard to eradicate gender-based violence‚ he realised that South African men are not coming to the party.

“Following the gender-based violence summit that we had‚ we are making progress on a number of fronts but it does seem like the men of our country‚ South Africa‚ are continuing with the killing of women.”

On the attacks on foreign nationals‚ Ramaphosa condemned them “in the strongest terms”‚ saying such actions were against the ethos espoused by South Africa.

This is what Twitter had to say in response to his comments:

Source: TMG Digital.

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