Nemato designer takes her business to new heights

Nemato clothing designer Zikhona Maki has taken her designing business to new heights since deciding to open a container where she could operate on a full time basis.

BEAUTIFUL DESIGNS: Clothing designer Zikhona Maki, left, with Dakota Phekun modelling some of her clothes at Zikhona’s business, B&S Clothing in Nemato Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

Zikkie’s Collection is a small clothing shop in Nemato run by 37-year-old entrepreneur Maki, who is known as “Zikkie”.

She has a huge passion for fashion. She shows this by designing and selling traditional African clothing, and also designs personalised clothing and sells other products, such as jewellery and bags.

Zikkie’s Collection started in February 2019, but Maki has been designing clothing for already more than 20 years. She started with designing and selling clothes from home until she got the opportunity to start her own business in Nemato.

“Growing up I always loved looking different. I would buy a normal jersey in town, and when I get home I would cut it and change it around – then it would look different. To me, that is I what I lived for,” Maki said.

“I have always loved clothes and fashion, that I why I never hesitated to go study fashion design at Border Technikon, now known as Walter Sisulu University. For me getting new fabrics and creating a new dress is exciting. It’s like breathing fresh air – that is how much I love what I do.”

Maki was also recently approached by a group of students from Stenden South Africa who selected Zikkies Collection as part of their project to help an entrepreneur in the township. They have offered to assist with the business side of her shop and marketing.

Haye Wierda, one of the students in the entrepreneurship project, said that they had selected Maki because they saw how hard-working she is and how much she loves what she’s doing.

“We are three students from NHL Stenden [in the Netherlands] that follow a minor called social entrepreneurship. With our project we want to help Zikkie to improve her business and make it more profitable. We also want to help her with marketing as well,” Wierda said.


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