Problems at the Bathurst dump

The attached video gives a very brief explanation as to what the Bathurst Dump looks like.

However, the dump actually extends from the intersection of the R67 and Kings Road, opposite the road to the Showgrounds and continues down Kings Road. This is mainly due to there being no useful signs indicating that the dump is at the end of the road and not any convenient area along the road.

In order to block access to the old dump site, the municipality simply used a grader to create a 1m high ramp across the road making it impossible for any vehicle to gain access. But that didn’t appear to have been helpful, as now the residents simply dump their refuse at any convenient place alongside the road.

As far as the dumpsite itself is concerned there are no signs indicating that you are allowed to dump there (although, given the quality of paper, household waste and other items scattered around, it is probably clear when you have entered the dump.

Something must be done to tidy and manage the area better as the ecology of the area (plantlife, insects, birds and other animals) are sifting through the refuse to find food. Invariably they ingest a considerable amount of dumped plastic as well as potentially hazardous food and could fall ill (the cattle on the commonage, by and large, currently look healthy and well nourished).

Read more on the Bathurst dump in next week’s Talk of the Town.

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