Another exciting cricket match between Pineapple and Ngumbela champs

RIVALS AND FRIENDS: There is always a certain amount of good-natured banter at the annual Rural Pineapple vs Ngumbela cricket match but, when the dust settles and the winners are crowned, both teams get down to the serious business of socialising. Posing for a photograph after the match but before the festivities begin in earnest were the two teams plus their managers and coaches

Following the Pineapple Cricket Tournament each year a team of the best players is formed to compete in the annual Pineapple versus Ngumbela rural cricket match, and this year saw a low-scoring but nevertheless entertaining match played along with one of the best catches ever seen.

The match, played at the Port Alfred Country Cub on Sunday, saw the Ngumbela 11 take to the field in an attempt to make a big score big and then restrict the Pineapple 11 as they attempt to pass that score. But things didn’t go quite to plan.

See the full story in tomorrow’s Talk of the Town.

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