Bad bosses to blame for a third of employee resignations in SA

Managers who claim credit for their employees’ work and favour some over others are being hauled over the coals in a new workplace survey.

A third of employees in SA have quit their jobs because of their bosses.
Image: Business Day

A third of employees in SA had quit their jobs because of their bosses, said CareerJunction, which has released its latest research highlighting the strain between SA workers and their line managers.

“While people want to be able to turn to their managers for help, guidance, career growth and motivation, it turns out that many South Africans have unhealthy relationships with their bosses, which is having a detrimental effect on work morale and productivity, as well as employees’ personal lives,” the online job portal found.

CareerJunction said trust and approachability were obstacles and contributing factors towards so many quitting their jobs as a direct result of skewed relationships with their boss.

The majority of people surveyed said that they didn’t trust their boss and roughly half said they felt confident about approaching their boss with work difficulties.

The most unacceptable behaviour cited was favouritism (44%) and managers who took credit for work that was not their own (13%).

More than a third of managers requested that employees work overtime without pay, 30% denied them a pay rise and 25% were unexpectedly denied a worker’s holiday/leave, the survey found.

Some of the comments shared in the research highlighted inadequate leadership in SA’s workplaces. These included:

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