SPCA and volunteer vets from around the Eastern Cape come together for Ndlambe animals

HELPING HANDS: Volunteers and staff helping the animals at the SPCA last Friday, back, from left, Helen Clohessy, Brendan Cole, Zandri Snyman, Sjamony van Zyl, Phillip du Plessis, Tracey Siebert, Denys Hill, Forbes Coutts, and, front, Jolene Mitchley, Dr Jane Pistorius and Glenda Hill all. Not present in the photo are vets Marcel Bolzli and Maron Mory Picture: BRYAN SMITH

The Port Alfred SPCA along with veterinarians from state vet clinics around the Eastern Cape came together on Friday, October 11 for the third sterilisation day of 2019 in which 26 cats and 39 dogs were treated.

The vets came from Komani (Queenstown), Craddock, Cofimvaba, Elliot and Makhanda (Grahamstown) and were assisted on the day by local vet Dr Jane Pistorius. The vets from the state vet clinics who worked on the day included Sjamony van Zyl, Phillip du Plessis, Zandri Snyman, Brandan Cole, Marcel Bolzli, Jason Mory. They were ably assisted by Lisa Nyanya who is the SPCA surgery animal welfare assistant.

Students from 43 Air School along with volunteers and friends of the SPCA also assisted on the day with the carrying of animals back and forth, for a true team effort.

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