Headmaster Pearson’s retirement takes off

It was a morning of reflection at Port Alfred High School on Monday as the pupils and teachers paid tribute to their headmaster for the past 14 years, Clive Pearson who has retired from academia.

At least four generations of pupils experienced Pearson’s friendly and caring tutorage throughout their entire academic time at the school and pupils at all grades, from pre-primary children to matric level pupils, sent video messages and expressed how they felt about the man who had helped steer their time at the school.

After the ceremony in the school hall, the pupils and staff made their way to the sports fields where a helicopter awaited Pearson and his wife, Chix, who is also a teacher at the school.

The pupils formed a tunnel through which Pearson made his way to the helicopter and, as they rose into the air the pupils said their final goodbyes.

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