Active partnership and dedication leads to the recovery of stolen property in Port Alfred

Active partnership and teams dedication lead to the recovery of stolen property! – #BUYA MTHETHO

According to Captain Mali Govender, during the early hours of this morning, an unknown number of suspects entered a guest cottage outside Port Alfred while the occupants were asleep. They took various items including Laptop, cell phones, clothing and food. The local farm security (Panther Security) was alerted and started to track the suspects. Members of the Port Alfred Operational Command Centre were alerted as well as local security officers.

All footpaths close to the locality was closed off and the team searched the thick thorny bushes for the suspects and the property. A bag with the laptop and items of clothing was found, however, the cell phones were still missing. The team continued their search and proceeded towards Bathurst on the R67, where they recovered the cell phones in a plastic bag buried in the sand.

All the property worth approximately R40 000 was recovered and handed to the owner.

Brigadier Morgan Govender, Port Alfred Cluster Commander, commended all the role players for their dedication. “As a little town, we have a great team spirit and this is reflected in this incident where the security companies and the SAPS worked closely together. During the upcoming weeks as more guests arrive from all over the globe, our team will make every endeavour to make them feel safe,” said Brigadier Govender.

#ZIZOJIKA IZINTO – “Turning the tide against crime”


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