Looking to create opportunities in Nemato

After studying film and majoring cinematography in an international accredited film school Africa Film Drama Art, Khanyiso Mabona saw the need to open an art and film company locally.

LOVE FOR FILM: Khanyiso Mabona, who recently graduated in Africa Film Drama Art (AFDA) in Port Elizabeth, majoring in cinematograph,y is looking for sponsors in a company that he recently registered Picture: NTOMBI MSUTU

He said art was limited in Port Alfred and the youth was not exposed enough to it. Even in schools around Port Alfred art is not given the necessary exposure, Mabona said.

So he took upon himself to register a film and art company that will mainly focus on drama, cinematography and anything art related. His aim is to teach the youth about the importance of art and to develop their skills once they are out of school.

After seeing that there is a lot of undeveloped talent in the art industry in Port Alfred, but that they don’t have proper places to nurture and train for their skills, he saw it fit to share his skills and experience.

“We really need something that will develop the skills of the youth in Port Alfred, and I have looked and done my research they don’t have anything that can develop them in terms of art and film. We need to develop such skills maybe that might create job opportunities for the young ones, that is the aim of registering this company. My main focus is to create opportunities for the unemployed youth especially in the location there is so many of them,” Mabona said.

Mabona needs sponsors for his company, including a proper computer ideal for film editing. He said he specifically needed a computer with a graphics card and a camera, a Sony A7111. Anyone who is interested in sponsoring his company can contact Khanyiso Mabona on 073-025-2315 or 071-015-9701 for more information.


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