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An extract from the article in this week’s Talk of the Town.

World Championships

Siyabulela Siwa and his coach Lee Budler went to the World Championships in Tokyo where Siwa competed in the 15-16 age group on trampoline (37th out of 76) and double mini trampoline (11th  out of 40). His double mini trampoline result was especially outstanding as NCAL didn’t have that trampoline yet so he couldn’t train for the event.

In January the pair will return to Japan. They have been invited by the Japanese Gymnastics Federation for a training camp.

New double mini-trampoline

NCAL coach Lee Budler managed to organise two new Eurotramp double mini trampolines cleared through customs: one for Mandy’s Gym and one for NCAL.

“Soon we’ll have this state of the art trampoline in Port Alfred for our gymnasts thanks to Lotto, Change a Life and private donations,” said NCAL founder, Jan Blom.

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