PODCAST: Eight steps into the clutches of a monster — where is Tazné van Wyk?

Eight-year-old Tazné van Wyk left her home on Friday February 7 2020. All she had to do was walk eight steps to a tuck shop almost next to her home. She made it there, but somewhere in the eight steps back, with her lollipop in hand, she disappeared.

The Pink Ladies, a missing person’s activism organisation, released a poster shortly after  to confirm Tazné’s kidnapping, and along with it was a photograph of the man who was believed to have snatched her.

In this week’s spotlight minisode, True Crime South Africa discusses Tazné’s shocking kidnapping and discusses the speculation about the man who is alleged to have taken her.

PODCAST article live @ https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2020-02-14-podcast-eight-steps-into-the-clutches-of-a-monster-where-is-tazn-van-wyk/

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