Big scores and turnarounds at Pineapple Cricket

The first half of the Pineapple Tournament saw some huge scores being posted on day one, with stunning turnarounds in games that seemed to be in the bag.

There were boundaries galore at the hospital field on Saturday, when Station Hill played against Port Alfred seconds. Batting first, Station Hill racked up 377/7, with two players achieving centuries – F Jacobs (118) and S Saki (108).

It looked like Port Alfred would find that run chase too difficult, but thanks to a heroic stand by Z Jaji, who scored a magnificent 187 runs, the Port Alfred team climbed back to reach 378/8, winning by 2 wickets.

Cuylerville faced off against Rhodes on the Port Alfred High School A field on Saturday, with Rhodes batting first and scoring 256/9. N Zimmerman scored 87 runs. Cuylerville put on a stellar run chase, but fell short at 237 in their allotted overs. Steve Gornall of Cuylerville scored 89 runs. Rhodes won by 19 runs.

Sidbury played against Grahamstown Invitational on the PAHS B field. Sidbury had promise, with G Stone staying in for more than a century (112 not out), and ultimately achieving 264 runs.

Grahamstown Invitational surpassed this with 270/7, boasting three high-scoring batsmen – M Sonday (77), E George (73) and M Loutz (66 not out). Grahamstown Invitational won by 3 wickets.

Playing at the Port Alfred Country Club on Saturday, Manley Flats scored 129 and Salem 132/3. Salem won by 7 wickets.

Manley Flats seconds played against Rhodes Shrews on the Hilpert field on Saturday, with Manleys scoring 208 and Shrews 192. Manleys won by 16 runs. K Waters of Manleys took an impressive four wickets for just 13 runs.

Early Birds played against Tiger Titans at the Air School. Early Birds scored 153 and Titans 154/9. Titans won by 1 wicket.

On Sunday, Southwell crushed Port Alfred at the country club, scoring 275 and winning by 209 runs. In response, Port Alfred managed only 66 runs. Southwell’s top bowler Joshua v Rensburg took 6 wickets for just 19 runs.

Manley Flats played against Cuylerville at the PAHS A field. Manleys scored 207 and Cuylerville 208/2, winning by 8 wickets. C Muir of Cuylerville scored 101 runs.

It was a big win for Salem on Sunday, when they beat Rhodes by 9 wickets on the PAHS B field. Rhodes scored 211 and Salem answered with 214/1, with Simon Amm 137 not out.

Yet another century was scored in the Cuylerville seconds vs Kenton game, when J Bessinger of Cuylerville scored 117. Cuylerville trounced Kenton by 10 wickets.

In another big win, Southwell seconds won by 9 wickets against Rainbows at the Hilpert field. Rainbows scored 170 and Southwell 171/1.

Salem seconds played against Sidbury seconds at the Air School, with Sidbury scoring 239 and Salem 240/8, winning by 2 wickets.

The East vs West Legends game on Monday was called a draw after East scored 133 and West 105. Ross Purdon took two wickets for two runs.

Port Alfred first team continued its losing streak against Sidbury at the PAHS A field. Port Alfred scored 118 and Sidbury 119/2, winning by 8 wickets.

Southwell faced off against Grahamstown Invitational on the PAHS B field. Grahamstown Invitational scored 134 and Southwell 138/1, winning by 9 wickets.

In the Early Birds vs Port Alfred seconds game at the hospital field, Early Birds scored 108 and Port Alfred 109/5. Port Alfred won by 5 wickets. Dian Nel took a staggering 8 wickets for 43 runs.

The Tiger Titans beat Station Hill by 58 runs at the Air School. Titans scored 153 to Station Hill’s 95.

On Day four of the tournament, Cuylerville seconds beat Southwell seconds by 5 wickets at the country club. Southwell scored 165/6 and Cuylerville 167/5.

Keeping the Cuylerville flag flying high, the Cuylerville first team beat Salem by 8 wickets at the PAHS A field. Salem scored 83 and Cuylerville 84/2.

In another low-scoring game, Manley Flats achieved 83 runs on the PAHS B field. Rhodes scored 87/2 in response, winning by 8 wickets.

At the hospital field, Manley Flats seconds played against Sidbury seconds. It was a high scoring game, Sidbury achieving 359, and Manleys 334. Sidbury won by 25 runs. B Gleaves of Manleys scored 116.

Salem seconds won by 4 wickets against Rhodes Shrews at the Hilpert field. Shrews got 155 and Salem 156/6.

Rainbows beat Kenton by 128 runs at the air school.  Rainbows got 218 and Kenton only 90.


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