No need for panic over Covid-19 – no confirmed cases in Port Alfred as yet

Having spoken with Wouter Hensens of Stenden South Africa and Attie Niemann of 43 Air School, both have stated that there are no cases of the covid-19 (novel caronavirus) at either of their institutions at the present moment.

Other events in the area have been either cancelled or postponed and Talk of the Town will keep you informed of developments as information becomes available.

However, rumours are circulating regarding confirmed cases of the virus in this area. These are untrue and can lead to panic-buying or by residents isolating themselves for no apparent reason.

The sick and the elderly are the most susceptible and isolation without due cause is possibly more harmful than Covid-19.

The end message is that circulating rumours is not helpful at this stage in the pandemic, so care should be taken before sharing information that is unverified and proves to be untrue.

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