Breaking records on yet another long walk

FIT AS A FIDDLE: Dr Leon du Bruyn, left, gives Kei his injections before the long journey begins as his owner Russell Kearney looks on. Kei and Kearney will be walking along the coastline on a trip that will bring them back to Port Alfred 6,000km and a year later Picture: ROB KNOWLES

Local long-distance walker, Russell Kearney, along with his faithful canine companion, Kei, will once again be heading out on an epic journey while promoting his book, Keep Walking in Faith, Hope and Love.

Kearney is a veteran walker who has walked the coastline of South Africa in the past and will now be taking what he said might be his last long walk.

“I’m not getting any younger,” he told Talk of the Town. “And Kei is now eight years old and in peak condition. Together we have already walked approximately 22,000km together and this trip will add another 6,000km to that record.”

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