Boredom relief during lockdown

What are you and your family doing to relieve the boredom during the 21-day lockdown?

How are you keeping everyone entertained and relaxed, or are you coping?

Why not send us your photographs of what you are doing and, perhaps this is an idea that can be shared. Have you started a pub quiz on WhatsApp or other social media platforms? What about dressing up in your finest and entering an on-line fashion show?

Or, for the more ambitious, why not send a video of you telling a joke (keep it PG guys) or singing a song? Or why not start an online classroom for all the children for whom there is no school at the moment?

There are any number of things you can do to keep you busy and share. Some older people might only have access to limited socialisation so seeing a funny video or hearing a nice song might just make their day.

Post your photographs and videos on our Facebook page or group and we will give all our followers access.

Together, we will beat Covid-19. Amandla!

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