Calls grow on social media for rethink of ‘essential items’ lockdown list

Calls for the list of “essential items” that can be bought under lockdown are growing on social media as the country enters day 12 of Covid-19 restrictions on Tuesday.

 As the lockdown continues, many are finding themselves in need of items they cannot purchase at stores. Stock photo. Image:

During the 21-day lockdown‚ intended to reduce social interaction‚ people are allowed to shop for “essential items” only‚ such as food and hygiene products.

But as the days roll on‚ many are finding themselves unable to purchase items they regard as essential‚ such as baby clothes‚ light bulbs and kettles.

Household appliances have been cordoned off along with goods used for maintenance.

Twitter user Pyper said it had been a week since their gate motor and a house window were broken in a burglary in Benoni‚ Gauteng. They have not been replaced.

Even with crime patrols in the area‚ there have been break- ins.

“Is security no longer an essential service?” was the question raised.

One of the loudest calls has come from mothers in need of clothing for newborn babies.

“I can give birth any day now and the only clothes I have for my baby are from relatives‚” said a distraught Nomaxabiso Sonti.

She said while it was normal for families to pass around clothing for newborn babies‚ she would miss out on shopping for her baby.

Gardening tools‚ seeds‚ appliances‚ technology repairs and books are other items that people are missing.

With winter on the way‚ heaters and electric blankets are also in demand.

“You can already feel with the cold mornings that we are approaching winter. Our house is mainly tiles and it gets really cold‚” said Mbali Mantile.

The 46-year-old from the Eastern Cape said her paraffin heater was broken and there was no means of getting it fixed or buying a new one.

“Besides for heat‚ we use the heater to cook to save electricity” she said.

She said without a new heater‚ she would be forced to spend more on electricity.

By: Andisiwe Michelle May

Source: TMG Digital.

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